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Computer apps to help you stay focused

Stop Procrastinating

K so this one costs $5 ($4.99 to be exact), but the app gives you 3 options:

1. Block the internet with reboot to get back online

2. Block the internet and prevent internet access even if you reboot (Note: This is pretty hardcore! Like k, get focused, but no internet? Hells no)

3. Filter distracting websites and email accounts


Focus Writer 

Whaddup 5000 word papers? If you’re writing and trying to stay focused, Focus Writer lets you write without the distractions and unnecessary features on traditional writing programs like Word. There’s no spell check, but if you’re desperately pounding out your Sociology research paper 4 hours before it’s due then this is probably ideal.


Cold Turkey&Self Control 

These apps let you block mail and distracting websites for a predetermined length of time. They’re pretty great no-fuss solutions to keeping yourself off social media long enough to get your shit together. Use Cold Turkey for PC or Self Control for Mac.


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