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How to write an amazing final paper

If you’re only thinking about writing your final paper now, chances are it’s down to the wire and you need to get it done in a hurry. While a paper is almost always best written with ample time to research, write and proofread, we know from first-hand experience that it’s possible to get your sh–t together and knock it out of the park in a heartstopping period of time. K, ready? Leggooo:


1. Choose a topic you’re familiar with that you can bullshit talk about in-depth. If you skipped one too many classes/ readings and that’s not possible, do some quick searches and choose a topic that you can find a wealth of information about.


2. Once you’ve decided on a topic, start your research. Make use of research help and guidelines provided by your school online or talk to a librarian to speed up the process. If you’re not using journals and academic research, be sure to use credible sources and relevant official content.


3. After compiling research you can use to argue a point, write your thesis statement. This will lay out the rest of the paper so you have a guideline when you’re writing.


4. Make an outline of things you want to say about each point in your thesis statement and what your closing point/ argument is going to be. Once the outline is done, organize your research so it’s easier to elaborate and expand.


5. If you have the time, write a first draft, review, then make adjustments. But if its gametime, make rough notes about points you want to be sure to mention or things you want to relate to lecture topics.

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