doUknow | The best ways to back up your work
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The best ways to back up your work

The school year is starting to wind down, which means all-nighters, 10-page papers and library sleepovers are just around the corner. This would be a really, really bad time to lose your work, right? Right. Spare yourself a mental breakdown at the Apple store, begging for someone – anyone – to please recover the research paper you’ve been working on for amonth week: protect your work! Of course you should save to a USB or hard drive, but if you want portable protection too, check out our 4 favourite options:


1.Google Drive

 Cloud storage and file backup that can be organized and accessed from anywhere, anytime on the Google Drive website. 


2.Time Machine(for Mac)

This built-in feature keeps a copy of all your files, plus it remembers how your system looked on a certain day so you can backtrack.


3.Microsoft Safety & Security Center (for Windows)

Restore, recover and repair your lost work with a variety of tools. 


4.Microsoft One Drive

Like Google Drive, One Drive is an onlline backup and syncing service. It can be used on PC, Mac, Android, iOs and Windows phones.




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