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7 Apps to Help You Quit Smoking

As a smoker, I can honestly say that I have told myself that I am quitting come January 1stfor the past 4 years.  Clearly, I have not kept my word about that.  But this year, I’ve recruited my mother to join me in this feat and her partner has graciously sided with me on this one.  I’ve looked at options such as patches and gums but I’ve talked a number of people who have managed to quit without the nicotine helpers.  One idea that has stuck out is using smartphone apps to help you along the quitting journey.  I’m not suggesting this is the best way to quit, but it’s definitely worth a shot. 

Smoke Free

Smoke Free is one of the most popular apps used to help quit smoking.  It’s got the usual motivators such as money saved, cigarettes not smoked and, a bit of a morbid one, life regained.  Not to say you’re adding hours to your life by the day, but it gives some perspective on the benefits of not smoking has on your overall health.

Quit Pro

Quit Pro goes a bit deeper, including tracking for what emotions may trigger a craving, or worst, a relapse.  Most apps include the money saved, cigarettes not smoked, etc., so you can expect those features on the app. This app also allows you to record where you feel the most cravings, the time of day you crave it the most and other triggers that may hinder your ability to quit.


This app takes possibly a more realistic approach to quitting, especially if quitting cold turkey seems daunting to you.  The LIVESTRONG app gives you the option to either quit altogether or slowly wean yourself off by gradually decreasing your nicotine intake.  Users are especially fond of the community aspect of this app as it adds a personal support and motivation system so you have a better chance of resisting cravings and staying to your personalized plan.

Quit It Lite

Quit It Lite is a more basic approach to quitting.  The app tracks the usual details of your quitting journey, such as money saved, cigarettes not smoked and several health benefits of quitting.  

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Okay, so we get that this may be a far reach, but if you’ve reached that ‘I’ve tried everything!” point, then what do you have to lose here?  It is a bit more time consuming as you have to actively listen to the provided audio for the first few weeks on a daily basis.  The recordings are roughly 30 minutes and allow you control the volume of the voice and the background ambience as well as the “hypnotic booster’.  I wonder if works for f*ckboys…


Kwit is one that I was recommended by someone who has successfully quit for the past year. It runs the same way as Smoke Free with a few more added tracking features to keep you motivated.  Unlike other apps, certain facts and benefits of quitting are hidden under acheivements, which adds motivation to make it through the 60 levels.  The fun part about Kwit is that it presents itself similar to a game making quitting seem like a fun competition rather than difficult resolution. 


This app isn’t specifically geared towards smoking, but if you plan to be changing a lot about you and your lifestyle this new year, then this one is for you.  It allows you to track your bad habits, or anything you want to cut out, and give you the motivation to keep it going.  The downside is that the smoking specific motivators won’t be there, but you can set it up to track specific things yourself.  




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