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Becoming Unblocked

That flashing cursor is out to get me.  It’s mocking me every time I spend more than five minutes staring at it in complete dumbfounded-ness.

You can’t write s**t.  Just go have another cigarette and keep swiping on that useless app to find someone.  You should get a cat.

We’ve all been there. The lonely quiet town of Writer’s Block, population: you.  Don’t worry, Do U Know is here to rescue you!

Take a walk

Getting some fresh air and stepping away from your work area is probably the most popular advice given when it comes to writer’s block.  It’s a simple break to get those creative juices flowing more freely without that burdening feeling that usually washes over you as you sit at your workspace.

Write in a journal

Taking a few minutes to write something about your day, your week or whatever you’re feeling in the moment is like dropping some baggage off before heading out for a big night.  Some of us are required to leave some personal opinions or sensitivity aside in our writing, and a journal is the perfect way to vent before moving on to the task at hand.

Get off the computer

When you’re typing away, or attempting to, it’s easier to type something then go back and delete and write again the same line you’ve been trying to get out for hours.  Sometimes, a simple pen and paper makes it much easier to write exactly what you want.

Change the music

I love cleaning my house to some 90’s hip hop. Biggie just makes me feel like cleaning my house and getting s**t done. Now, I can’t say the same for when I need to write something.  Half my piece will sound like a thesis and the other half will sound like I’m about to drop a mixtape next week.  Switch it up.  I find deep house, lounge music or even some Bach helps me centre my mindset and gets me focused.

Take advantage of the time’s you’re unblocked

 When you finally get the words in the right order, don’t just stop at what you’re required to do. Any artist, and yes writing is an art, knows that when they have reached that prime head space, getting out as much as you can will do no harm in the long run.




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