doUknow | Blue Jays Making a BIG Statement during Trade Deadline
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Blue Jays Making a BIG Statement during Trade Deadline

Toronto Blue Jays General Manager Alex Anthopoulos hit several home runs during the Trade Deadline as his team snatched up all-stars David Price and Troy Tulowitzki. While doing so meant giving up some top prospects like Daniel Norris, picking up the likes of these two players is certainly making a huge statement — the Jays are aiming to end their playoff drought as they are the team with the longest drought in the majors. The Jays also added some new additions near the final couple hours of the trade deadline as they boosted their roster with relievers Latroy Hawkins and Mark Lowe and outfielder Ben Revere. Adding all these new pieces to the team has certainly made them winners during the trade deadline. However, the only downside to this is: could all these efforts be too little too late? Not only could they end up losing the race to the wild card position, but there is also a possibility of David Price not sticking around due to via free agency next year, and we could see the prospects we gave up develop into stars at other clubs. All in all, these big moves have proven to boost the morale and intensity of the Blue Jays players and fans alike, with the All Star short stop #Tulo hitting a homer his second time at bat as a Blue Jay against the Royals. 


All of these exciting trades definitely garnered some entertaining reactions on social media – most of which surrounded the acquisition of 2012 Cy Young winner and 5 time All Star David Price. For Blue Jays fans looking forward to watching the next steps towards their team potentially reaching post season with the new lineups, Price will be making his Blue Jays debut tomorrow against the Minnesota Twins. Who’s gonna be there? We’re betting that being at the Rogers Centre tomorrow will be feeling like the Skydome circa ’93! 



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