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Cuffing Season

Summer is done. Sunday’s day drinking will be replaced with prepping lunches. Those mid-week lazy beach days quickly turn into nights spent cuddling your latest required readings.  And your after dark texts have become emails to your prof.

Single life has never been more exemplified than when the party ends and the grind begins.  It’s the few months before the holiday season begins, and let’s be real, it’s always nice to have someone to do all those cute couple-y sweater weather activities with. Unlike summer, when hormones seem to rise with the temperature and the city has turned into somewhat of a bunny farm, September to December is known as cuffing season. 

Remember that guy you met at the bar ordering your final round of shots before last call?  You guys spent such a romantic night talking about your life goals and philosophies over 3am McDonald’s. And then his texts dwindled out.  Or that girl who seemed to completely get your belief in all those Game of Thrones theories. You thought, for sure you could spend Friday nights trying to guess who was going to die next. But she just stopped responding all together.You know nothing.


Brace yourself for the “Hey stranger” text coming your way. They had filed you away for the rest of the summer, not wanting to hinder any other options coming their way. But once the season’s done, and they’re reminiscing about those nights they barely remember, you pop into their head. I mean, who could blame them? You’re awesome. But the question now is how do you respond? Here are some things you may want to think about:


1.   If you really don’t understand how this person even thinks that they could be wasting your time, channel your inner Gaga.



2.   For those of you that instantly remember that embarrassing part of the night that involved you wrestling with a seatbelt as you gracefully hopped out of your shared Uber and woke up with scraped knees.



3.   After you creep their social media to jog your memory of who this actually is and you come to the conclusion that beer goggles is a real hazard.



4.   Or realize the tequila had you getting those standards up.


5.   Let’s not forget those of you who don’t mind the call back. Ain’t nobody got time to chit chat.



Do you know what you’re going to do when you get that “Hey stranger” message? Let us know!


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