doUknow | Getting through that break up
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Getting through that break up

Either you just got dumped, or maybe you broke up with someone. Regardless, it hurts either way. I’m sure you probably just want to curl up in a ball and block out the world. It doesn’t matter if it was long-term or short- term…it still hurts!

Getting over the lost love is hard. But that is life. We need to continue to move forward and heal at the same time.

Here are some of our doUKnow tips to help you get through that break up!


Peace Out Social Media

Don’t tempt yourself with the constant reminder of the other person. Remove them from your social media pages and spare yourself the anger and disappointment! P.S try not to vent too much on your personal pages.


Spend time outside!

Yes, fresh air really does help to clear your mind. Get out there, and spend time in nature. Let yourself be. Take space to breathe and work on finding that balance again. You’ll be happy you did!


Take it Slow

Take your time before jumping back into the dating scene. Enjoy the process, the casual thing for a while. This gives you time to really figure out if you’re ready to be with someone again. Yes… Lust vs. Love?


Feel your feelings

Don’t ignore your feelings. Let your tears flow, and express your anger. You have the right to be upset! Writing them down helps too.


Spend time with people who energize you!

As you consider who to reach out to, choose wisely. Surround yourself with people who are positive and who truly listen to you. The last thing you want to feel is judged or criticized.  


They say time heals all wounds, but time just makes it easier to endure the pain. The breakup stings a little bit less as each day passes. Because soon, without really having known how we got there, we will reach a level of acceptance. We let go of the need to know and find ourselves, including no longer stressing over the “why” and “ifs.”

Stay strong.


Do you know any tips for dealing with a breakup? Share with us! 


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