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Hangover Cures You’ll Need This New Years Day

At some point we all get to a place in our lives where we are no longer mentally equipped to head out for a night on the town on big event nights.  Halloween weekend, long weekends and holidays events are always bound to unravel into a night of long line ups in bad weather (because Mother Nature didn’t think Toronto needed to party this year), coat check screw ups, overcrowded venues and overpriced drinks to be spilled on your new outfit that no one is going to remember the next day.  But there’s one night that has always seemed to bring out the crowds no matter what the consequences may be.  And if you’re a true NYE trooper, chances are you’re going to feel pretty sh*tty come the first sunrise of 2016.  Don’t worry, we gotchu, boo!

Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty

It goes without a doubt that water is your savior here.  A bottle or tall glass before you pass out (wherever you choose to do so) will save lots of morning symptoms, making that walk of (no) shame a bit easier.  And on that walk it would definitely benefit you to grab some Gatorade to restore your system and get your body back in working condition.  Coconut water is a great alternative for this as well!

Get your beauty sleep

Celebritiy Memes

Time is honestly the best cure for a night of drinking.  Do you remember being 19 and being able to drink all night, party hard, then get up and go to work the next morning? It’s always a bittersweet feeling when you’ve passed that stage and enter into the “I have work tomorrow so I’ll be home in my pajamas by 7pm. I also probably won’t answer anything on my phone.” stage.  It’s all about those responsible decisions. But sometimes responsibility is thrown to the wind when someone comes around with that shot of tequila. Just be sure you have enough time to get home and get some real sleep before any obligations.

The Devil’s Lettuce

Cannabis isn’t exactly a cure as much as it is a suppressant for all the real ugly parts of a hangover.  Headache? Gone. Nausea? Gone. Your pasties will hit you hard but at least that appetite is ready to be well satisfied.  It can definitely backfire if you spark one up too early in the night as the combination of alcohol and pot usually lead to a much blurrier night than anticipated.  It’s recommended to indulge a bit before you chug that water and hit your bed.

More drugs

No, we’re not talking about the ones that make you love everyone you meet and cry to trees about your f*ckboy.  We’re talking about the ones that are legally sold over the counter.  Many live by popping one or two of these bad boys before going to bed and if your head is still pounding in the morning, help yourself to *DJ Khaled voice* another one!

And on that note….



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