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Sunscreen and You

We waited all winter long to be able to lay out in the sun. The warmth alone from the sun hitting our bodies, is enough to have us thinking about heading down south for the winter that is slowly creeping back up on us. Who’s with me here?

Although we love the sunshine, and desire nothing but to be outside all day and get a killer tan, it is important to protect ourselves from the sun. It is vital to minimizing the risk of skin aging and melanoma.

Just like everything else on the shelves, there are a wide variety of sunscreens. But which one is for you?

Here are some of our doUKnow tips for helping you choose and get the most out of your sunscreen.

Broad Spectrum

Go for the sunscreens that offer broad spectrum protection. Meaning, it will block the UVB rays and a bit of the UVA.

Minimum SPF 15

Why? Because at least it will block out 93% of UVB rays. Remember,higher SPF numbers don’t necessarily give you greater protection,rather they tend to remain effective longer.  

Shot Glass Full

Yes you read that right. The amount of sunscreen that you should be using to cover your entire body should amount to about a shot glass full. Bet that puts things into a great perspective for you!

Let it absorb

Apply sunscreen 15-30 minutes before going out into the sun. It does need time to absorb into your skin after all.


Because one application of sunscreen won’t last you all day, especially if you’re in and out of the water.  Rule of thumb: every two hours.


Remember, you need vitamin D. And the purest way to get your vitamin D levels up, is through solar exposure. Don’t entirely avoid sunlight on your bare skin, just ensure you protect yourself!


Now get out there and enjoy the sun! 


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