doUknow | Do you know what carpal tunnel is?
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Do you know what carpal tunnel is?

Whether you’re still in school or have entered the lion’s pit known as today’s job market, chances are you spend a good amount of time at a computer, clicking key after key amongst essays, data entry, articles and web searches.  Maybe you spend a lot of time operating power tools.  Either way, if your hands are going through repeated movements every day, you need to be aware of what risks are involved and how you can prevent things like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel is a condition that results in pain, numbing and weakness in one’s hands and arms.  It occurs when a nerve responsible for feeling in the thumb and first three fingers, located within the palm, is impacted. 

Although repeated movement in your hands is a leading cause, other conditions could increase your risk of developing carpal tunnel.  Diabetes, thyroid-related issues and autoimmune disorders can all affect your nerves and lead to a much bigger problem.  And once it becomes a noticeable pain, it can become difficult to do everyday tasks such as holding a pen or even just opening your hand.

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