doUknow | 5 Tips for Dealing with Back Pain
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5 Tips for Dealing with Back Pain

You don’t have to be old to suffer through back pain.  The way society has evolved has kept us in a very stagnant position. Working, driving, school, it all takes an effect on your back.  Some of us suffer from chronic back pain, constantly needing some sort of relief from the everyday aches, whereas others may just be adjusting to a new job or lifestyle change.  You don’t have to wait until it gets unbearable to do something about it though! Our friends at Physiomed have provided five great tips to prevent and overcome back pain!

  • Stretch it out

Morning stretches are a great start to your day, but as you drive, sit, bend and stand throughout the day, it is important to keep stretching.  Even simply getting up from your desk and walking a bit will do wonders for your back.

  • Work out those abs

Think of your body as a skyscraper; if one side of it is supporting everything, and the front end isn’t as strong, over time that one supportive side begins to tire out and takes on more pressure.  By strengthening your core, it’ll ease pressure off your back and especially alleviate lower back pain.

  • Get up and move

We’ve touched on the negative effects of sitting too long, so it’s understandable that being in one position all day can have negative effects on your back.  Every 15 minutes try to stand up, stretch and take a couple of paces before sitting back down.

  • Mind your posture

If you do have to sit for long periods of time, especially driving or at work, make sure you are being wise about it.  Slouching over can put more pressure on your back, as well as leaning off to the sides, thus distributing your weight unevenly.   Keeping you back, pelvis and feet aligned will prove beneficial in the long run.

  • Be aware of your feet and hips

Sitting isn’t the only culprit.  Standing and walking have a great influence on the condition of your back.  Even simply picking up a box can affect your back health negatively if you place all the stress on your back, rather than if you bend from your knees.  Be aware of your feet and back alignment while walking as well to prevent further stress.

For a more detailed look on how you can prevent back pain, check out their blog here!

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