doUknow | Making Everyday Activities Easier
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Making Everyday Activities Easier

We’re sure you’ve heard that working out and exercising is part of a healthy lifestyle.  And it’s not only true, but leading a healthy and active lifestyle will make the rest of your daily activities easier and effortless.  Bio-mechanics is a part of exercising that most people are either unaware of or its beneficial effects are greatly underestimated.  It refers to the movement of your body, and staying active plays a big role in keeping your body like a well-oiled machine. This about it this way; you get one body, and it’s going to have to last you quite some time so you better learn to take care of it the best you could!

Even while you’re not working out, factors such as your posture, balance and poor walking form can all lead to strenuous conditions on your joints and muscles.  Our friends at Physiomed have put together a short video to show you how working out and leading a healthy lifestyle can make your everyday chores lighter on your body.

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