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Sneaking More Vegetables into Your Meals

We all know that consuming a well-rounded and well-balanced diet is important to preserving your body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Vegetables, of course, play a big part in such a diet as well as benefit you in endless ways.  However, not all of us are fans of vegetables and salads, similar to that of a 3-year-old who decides that his broccoli is better on the floor than his bowl.  Physiomed has compiled a few tips for you to get in those veggies, even the gross ones.

Sneaky Veggies

By finely chopping your vegetables and throwing them into a pasta sauce or a sandwich can help get those extra little servings in without feeling like you’re stuck eating rabbit food.  Soups are also a great way to sneak in extra vegetables as well as homemade hummus and pesto.

Prep Work

It’s easy to go home and say you don’t feel like cooking.  Too easy.  Try taking some extra time on Sunday to chop and prep vegetables, either strips or cubes, and keep them on hand so cooking healthier meals during the week is less of a task.

The Replacements

Not only does prepping veggies help with weeknight cooking, but they make great light snacks throughout the day.  Have some hummus or peanut butter on hand to dip them!  Not only will this save you those calories, sodium and sugars, but your wallet will definitely be grateful.

Easy Access

It’s easier to keep on top of your fruits and vegetable intake when you’re actually purchasing them.  As easy as it is to grab a bag of chips or a chocolate bar, veggies and fruits can be as well.  It’s all about access.  So having that bag of chopped carrots, celery or apples on deck is worth the work and definitely worth skipping the junk food aisle on grocery night.

All Day, Everyday

Most people assume that vegetables are strictly for salads and dinner meals but the truth is, they work great for breakfast too!  If you’re a breakfast sandwich connoisseur, throw some kale or spinach into in, or even making a veggie packed frittata the night before can make busy mornings run much more smoothly.

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