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Eating healthy on a budget

– Eat seasonal

When food is in harvest, it’s more readily available. In short: supplies are up and costs stay down.


– Buy clearance

If produce is priced to sell immediately, get it and store it in the freezer or use immediately.


– Shop for proteins at ethnic markets

It’s usually cheaper – nuff said!


– Plan ahead for shopping trips

Start your shopping list with fresh produce and healthy foods. Give yourself some breathing room by overestimating how much you’ll really need.


– Buy in bulk

Things like quinoa and other grains are usually expensive in-store, so shop for them in bulk to save in the long run


– Name brands aren’t always best (and vice versa)

Compare costs. Sometimes the generic brand of your favourite foods are just as good if not better than the big brands, so compare costs. Be warned though, sometimes generic means crap quality and nutrition, so always check the labels.


– Avoid impulse buys

Sure, treat yo’self! Add a couple yummy treats to your shopping list before your trip to the store to avoid picking up random things that you’re craving in the moment.



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