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So That’s Where the Picnic Areas are Hiding

Toronto. A city that seems to always be under construction, similar to that basement renovation that never ends. With the endless line of pylons marking road closures and detours, coupled with all the cranes that seem to have taken over the skyline, we can’t help but feel there is nowhere in this city to escape to for a little bit of fun and relaxation.

Low and behold, we have found some of the city’s most serene and hidden picnic spots. These hot spots are great for chill sessions on a hot summer day. Not to mention that some of these places also offer areas for sporting activities. Win!

Rosetta McClain Gardens

This place is a photographer’s dream! So, make sure you pack the camera! Hidden within the bluffs, you’ll find this 23 acre park filled with rose gardens and a huge rock fountain. It has a spectacular view of Lake Ontario from right on top the bluffs. No shortage of green space for a picnic here. We guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Humber Bay Park

This park offers some of the most breathtaking views of the city and the lake. Home to wildlife, especially butterflies, there is something for everyone to fall in love with here. It has a small beach front area, lots of picnic tables, and a large pier to fish off of. P.S dog owners- there is an off-leash area for your furry friend too!

James Gardens

Situated along the Humber River, James Gardens is known for its flower gardens and stone pathways. This place is historic. When visiting don’t forget to check out the beautiful gazebo. If you’re lucky, it may be empty! Hence.. Picnic!

Bickford Park

Hop off the subway at Dufferin Station and you are here! This quiet little gem is hidden between a forest of trees. There is is also a baseball diamond and swimming pool in the vicinity. Don’t worry, it’s far enough from the park area, but close enough if you change your mind and want to take a dip!

These are only a few, but we are sure there are lots more out there! Do You Know of any hidden parks and picnic areas around the city? Make sure to share with us by commenting below or on any of our social pages! P.S Share your photos with us too!



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