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Is physiotherapy for you?

As we kick off the month of May, with warmer weather and a bounty of sunshine on the tips of our noses, health, wellness and exercise also come to mind as the layers of flannel peel away.  With it being National Physiotherapy Month, what better time to explain what physiotherapy is and how it can benefit you at any age!  Our friends at Physiomed have taken the time to explain the importance of physiotherapy.

What is a physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist is a specialist in the movement and function of the human body.  They focus on improving their patient’s range of motion, increasing the movement and physical ability of their body.  People usually assume physiotherapy is for recovery, connecting it with car accidents or even after major surgery in some cases, but it goes way past that.  Also providing preventative treatment as well as rehabilitation for specific diseases, physiotherapy works to educate people and promote overall health.

What do they treat?

As they specialize in movement and ability within the body, many physiotherapists are called upon with when the concern has to do with the long term functions and your physical ability.  The practice is more commonly applied to the rehabilitation of sports and motor vehicle injuries.  However, conditions affecting your knees, back, foot and heel functions and comfort can also be rectified through physiotherapy.

How do they treat ailments?

After an initial assessment of your current abilities is evaluated, many physiotherapists will design a custom program that will not only meet your needs but work with your existing abilities.  The interesting aspect about physiotherapy is that it consists of a combination of different types of treatments to achieve the final goal.  This could include but isn’t limited to massage therapy, personalized exercise programs, compression therapy, shockwave therapy and even diet and nutrition.

How often should you see a physiotherapist?

As physiotherapy is a very specialized channel of healthcare, the length of time that you’ll be working with a physiotherapist can differ vastly.  Depending on the severity of the injury or problem area, your health care professional will create a custom program that works with you, your schedule and your body’s ability.  Usually, near the beginning of your program, your visits tend to happen much more frequently before you are set out on your own to continue the process.  Eventually visits will become more for a progress check and maintenance.


For more on how physiotherapy can help you, visit Physiomed’s blog here!

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