doUknow | Staying Healthy Over the Canada Day Weekend
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Staying Healthy Over the Canada Day Weekend

Summer is officially here and the countdown begins to each of the long weekends this season.  It’s these long weekends that are the perfect time to indulge, however, it’s easy to get carried away.  Vapz can help you get through this long weekend without ruining all you do to keep your body in check.

Let’s start with the first temptation du jour: food.  Long weekends with friends, family or both usually results in a full spread that aren’t always made up of the healthiest options.  We’re not saying you can’t help yourself to juicy grilled burger or some of that delicious ice cream cake, but moderation is important.  Balance out your heavier options with salad, fruits and vegetables.  Tip: half of your plate should be salad and veggies, while only a quarter should be meat and the other quarter, carbs.

Still craving after that first slice of cake?  More and more people are looking to Vapz Stix to satiate their cravings.  By simply skipping the second slice and indulging in a birthday cake or cheesecake flavoured Vapz Stix, you could easily curb the craving and satisfy your sweet tooth with one solution.

Food isn’t the only vice that creeps up on you during long weekends.  If you’re trying to quit smoking, spending time with friends and family, whether you’re having a drink or many drinks, seeing your cousin Tammy light up a cigarette can be pretty tempting to say the least.  If you were once a social smoker, or the type to smoke a pack a day, justifying that ONE cigarette can be easy, however, rather than throwing in the towel, your Vapz Stix can help you say no.  Still in the beginning stages of quitting? Vapz Nix Stix can help wean you off the nicotine slowly while still curbing your craving for a traditional cigarette.

So whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ or heading up to the cottage for a mini vacation, Vapz Stix can help keep you on the right track!

For more information on Vapz Stix, head to!

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