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What’s Canada’s Top Killer?

This past weekend, The Toronto Star enlightened many Torontonians of what’s been killing us.  In a city where the #GymLife has spread over the masses, probably an attempt to balance out all the foodies, Canadians may not be as healthy as we think they are.

If you live or even just work in the GTA, chances are you’re stressed, you’re overworked or you’re simply human, and as all humans do, you have vices. has created an algorithm that accounts for all your vices, and your virtues of course, and calculates your life expectancy.  Taking into consideration your quantifying characteristics such as height and weight, but also evaluates your current lifestyle.  This includes the hours of exercise you get, how sedentary you are throughout the day as well as how often you drink or smoke.

And can you guess what’s at the top of the list of Canada’s vices? Cigarettes.

Shaving an average of 2.8 years off one’s life, smoking cigarettes is the cause of over 25% of deaths.  Aside from the obvious cancer, heart and lungs risks, smoking also prevents people from being as active as they should and could be.

Following smoking, poor diet, lack of physical activity and alcohol were relative factors that could be impacting your health much more in the long term than most would assume.  With lack of exercise in second, those that tend to avoid regular exercise can be losing almost 2.6 years off their life. is not trying to scare Canadians with their project but rather in hopes of educating and effectively informing them on how they could make the changes now, and start embracing a better lifestyle in hopes of bettering the bigger picture.

If you or a loved one is a smoker, be sure to visit to learn how you can quit today with their rechargeable and disposable e-cigarettes!

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