doUknow | What is cold pressed juice?
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What is cold pressed juice?

We all have that one, or many, friend(s) that are all about that #GymLife.  They’re countless photos of mid-workout selfies, Sunday meal preps, squat videos and colourful food and juice are a constant reminder, er, motivation for your own health.  A new member of the #Fitspo family portrait has been introduced in recent years; with its bold and eye-catching colours, cold pressed juice has taken us by storm.  And although the benefits of real fruit juice is widely understood, many of us are still befuddled by what cold pressed actually means.

Many ran out and threw their money at a juicer so they could make their own at home.  A great ambition, of course, but then came the words cold pressed. 

Cold pressed is simply a different method of extracting the juice of raw fruits and vegetables without the use of any heat.  Many juice companies had been making their fresh juices, pasteurizing (heating) them and then refrigerating them.  Cold pressed juice is made by first grinding and pulsing fresh ingredients into a pulp.  After being broken down, the pulp is squeezed between two large cold plates using thousands of pounds of force, squeezing out the juice from the pulp.

By using cold plates and skipping the heat, the nutrients and vitamins are kept in the extracted juice whereas heating tends to absorbs and rid the juice of those essential vitamins.

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