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Get That Protein

Building muscular strength is important to maximize your daily movement quality and improve your health, function and performance.  By strengthening your muscles you can reduce your risk of muscles imbalances, poor posture and overall weakness.  By neglecting these smaller issues, they can lead to bigger problems such as chronic pain, fatigue and higher risk of injury.

Protein plays a crucial part in keeping your body strong on top of supporting the development of hormones and enzymes that regulates the immune system.  Another important role of protein is maintaining a balance of fluids and tissue reparation and growth.  Muscles, bones, hair and blood are all composed of complex structures made up of amino acids which we call proteins. Protein is found in both animal and non-animal products allowing you to get your daily protein intakes from a wide selection of foods.

The recommended protein intake will vary from person to person – age, sex, weight and any medical conditions.

To learn more about the importance of protein, what it does for you and choosing the right protein for your body head to Physiomed’s weekly blog here!

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