Save the Last Bite – CutiePie Cupcakes & Co.

Food trends have become as prominent, if not more than, the latest shoes, jackets and music trends in Toronto. Who cares about where you got your shoes, where’d you get that cupcake!? And in a market so flooded with novelty options and alternatives, can we agree that it’s easy to fall for an aesthetic and completely disregard the quality of food?

If you live in Toronto and you love food, or even if you’ve got a sweet tooth, chances are you’ve heard of the new shop in town, CutiePie Cupcakes.  With just a month of being opened they have taken lattes and cupcakes to, what seems, another level.


The owner, Melanie, had begun in 2009 with a small catering company before finally opening her own brick and mortar right in the heart of Chinatown.  With its cutiepie aesthetic, colourful social pages and menu options, it’s hard to not want to indulge in one of their rainbow-coloured desserts and drinks. And upon entering the little shop on Spadina, the rows of icing swirls and smell of vanilla in the air was enough to make me salivate.

Making sure to get a good selection of flavours, I got the Mini CutieBox ($22) which includes 12 mini cupcakes.  And to cool down from the hot weather, opted for their iced cotton candy latte ($6).  As someone who has baked for events and parties, the price seemed reasonable for a quality cupcake.  The keyword here being quality.

Now, I can jump on the bandwagon and praise CutiePie Cupcakes as everyone else seemed to have done, but I prefer to stay honest about this.  For the cost, popularity and incredible social media interaction, you’d think these were the best cupcakes in the city.  But to say they fell flat would be somewhat of an understatement.


The flavour selection was amazing, with novelty flavours mimicked after popular desserts, I was impressed with the scale of options.  With that being said, the cake of each cupcake was dense, dry and lacked flavour.  Not to mention the chocolate cake options were stale, crumbling in your hands before it even hits your lips.  Think grocery store quality when it’s on the sale rack of the bakery section.  The icing on each cupcake varied, and with swirls of colour anointed with cotton candy sprinkles, chocolate chips and even a blue sugar brûlée.  The icing just didn’t cut it for any of us here.  Similar to biting into a ball of pure butter, the icing didn’t exactly compliment the less than stellar cake.  Their Pink Velour option which is their version of a red velvet was topped with a cream cheese frosting that seemed to forget its frosting element.  I’ve probably come off as some sort of cupcake snob here, but if you’re paying $22 for a dozen mini cupcakes, you’d expect something that would have you coming back for more.

The iced latte on the other hand was the showstopper.  A simple blend of milk, cotton candy, two espresso shots and cotton candy spiked whipped cream, the drink was the perfect balance of sweet and bitter.  And did I mention it comes topped with your choice of whoopee pie?  I guess I can’t complain about that.


Service and staff was amazing; the young man who served me was friendly, informative and patient.  The small shop is kept clean and simple with the counter and a few chairs around a table across from it.

Overall, the experience of CutiePie Cupcakes was just what I had imagined until it concerned the food.  Again, I think we have fallen for a trend, a passing favourite that delivers on the lower spectrum of quality but high novelty (Kind of.).



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