Save the Last Bite – SanRemo Bakery

Whether you’re a Toronto native or you’ve just moved to the city, chances are that you’ve definitely heard of the west end’s favourite bakery, SanRemo Bakery.  And if you haven’t, well, you’re not living your life.  The longtime community favourite has been a Toronto staple for decades since they opened up in 1969.

Owner, Natale Bozzo, migrated to Toronto when he was only 15 and adhering to the hardworking Italian mentality, found his footing in a downtown bakery before setting out on his own.  It was in 1995 that his three sons, Eddy, Rob and Nick was handed the torch, and ever since then the Bozzo brothers have joined forces to make SanRemo what it is today.


If you’re an original SanRemo fan, you’d know that since their first opening the family-run bakery has expanded into units on either side of the original one; a deli on one side and strictly sweets on the other.  The middle is where you’d find their authentic hot table; aside from Italian staples like veal and pastas, it’s constantly changing with whatever Eddy, the Head Baker, has decided to try out that day.  From on-site smoked meats, quinoa salads (for those trendy gluten-free eaters) and even cold cut sandwiches, I learned that you can eat literally every meal of the day here.


I’m greeted by long-time employee, floor and social media manager, Carolina, who has dedicated over 10 years to the local business.  Over the years, she has become a crucial part to the bakery operations and, of course, part of the SanRemo family.  She’s the bubbly girl behind their drool-worthy Instagram photos that have left many of us, myself included, salivating all the way down there for a treat.

SanRemo prides itself on providing customers with top quality food made with local ingredients, and the only way to ensure that everything is made to standard is have it all done on site.  And I mean ALL of it.  From fresh baked breads, buns and rolls, smoked meat sandwiches, freshly topped cheesecakes and even their gelato is made there.  And with three units’ worth of space, it’s no surprise that there’s a number of kitchens along the backend.

Now on to the good stuff: the food.


Keep in mind I only helped myself to their fresh foods, but for those lazy Thursday nights, SanRemo offers some of their favourite dinners as frozen entrees, ready to just be popped into the oven.

After carefully selecting a possibly-ridiculous amount of pastries, doughnuts, stuffed bread and cookies, everyone sank their teeth into a bit of everything.


The black olive stuffed bread (Did I mention they’re made fresh, everyday, right there?!), was perfect.  And don’t worry about dipping oil.  SanRemo offers a wide selection of top quality olive oils to go with it.  Crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, what more could a carb-loving girl want?


The Toronto bakery had gained some major popularity with the doughnut trend, something they have always offered since opening day.  But unlike some trendy bakeries in the city, SanRemo delivers an authentic, delicious, light and airy doughnut.  Their most popular one is the apple fritter, however, getting there as early as 1pm won’t guarantee you one.  So I opted for the black forest and lemon meringue.  At $1.60 each I felt as if I had stolen it.  These doughnuts are far from your run-of-the-mill Tim’s chocolate dipped.


The lemon meringue stands tall like a crown atop a lemon-filled doughnut.  Not too tangy, not too sweet, this regal dessert was made to perfection.  The black forest was packed with cherry filling, and if you ask me, the messier the dessert, the better!


SanRemo is also known for their cheesecakes.   Topped with anything, from fruit to Oreos, they’re cheesy, moist and rich; everything a cheesecake should be.  The raspberry topped cheesecake towers on any plate, yet the cheesecake to crust ratio is amazing.


A bit of raspberry and cheesecake, another of crunchy graham and cheesecake. Needless to say, that was the first thing to disappear.  Every. Single. Bite.


Moving on, we need to discuss their cannoli game; because it is on point.  Offering every option from classic Sicilian to a beautiful chocolate hazelnut adorned cannoli that will have you wishing you could eat one every day.  And while we’re on traditional Italian fare, SanRemo offers individual tiramisu cups, layers of whipped, creamy mascarpone and espresso-soaked savoiardi, topped with whipped cream and a marble chocolate plaque.  If you get anything, you have to get this.


As this StLB is smack in the middle of a hot summer week, I’m sure all of us can agree that ice cream shops have taken over Toronto.  But skip the cones dressed in drag and treat yourself to one of SanRemo’s homemade gelatos.  Made fresh, and even offering some dairy-free options for those with tummy rumbles, they have a flavour for everyone.


The service and staff are always a delight, and you really start to feel part of a family once you’ve talked to anyone in there.  Friendly, patient and always making sure that their customer is happy, SanRemo has the old school bakery feel down to an art.  So the next time you’re in the area, or just craving something fresh, homemade and authentic, be sure to visit SanRemo at 374 Royal York Rd.



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