Save the Last Bite – Toronto 2016 CNE

The CNE is my favourite time of the year.  The bittersweet feeling of summer coming to an end mixed with a two week carnival with so many food options you’d be silly to think you can eat it all in one visit.  Alas, this week, I attempted to do just that.

Key word being attempted.

On a rainy August evening the best place to get stuck during the heaviest downpour is probably the food building.

Do I eat dessert first to make sure I actually have room for it? Or maybe I should start with the something small.  No no, I’ll just buy it all and have bites of everything.

After probably way too much consideration of what to eat, we gave up and opted for the walk-around method.

The first thing that caught our eye was a new addition to the Toronto Star Food Building that had been gaining popularity all summer by attending a number of Toronto’s staple summer events such as Toronto’s Beer Fest.  Starving, salivating and wanting to go all in the first chance I had, I opted for their gourmet Sexxy Surf ‘N Turf bao.


The Surf N’ Turf came stuffed with bison short rib, which was seasoned and cooked to tender perfection and then topped with a jerk styled lobster that was garnished with garlic aioli and brown butter.  Although the bun was a bit more bread-y than I had hoped, the flavours, toppings and stuffing definitely balanced it out eventually.  After you eat around the edge of course.  The lobster topping was lightly seasoned considering it was meant to be ‘jerk’ style, but the garlic aioli made up for the lack of flavour there.


The next round of food was a clash of cuisines.  I opted for a Su & Bu sushi burrito called the Salmon Samba, a crispy salmon and tuna roll, paired with lettuce, carrots, avocado, jalapeno wrapped in nori.  As a dedicated sushi lover, however, the sushi burrito didn’t quite do it for me.  It didn’t come with all the fun garnishments that you’d usually expect with a roll such as soy sauce and wasabi.  And without the full experience, is it really sushi?  The roll itself was well made and fresh, but could probably use some spicy mayo to provide a bit more flavour.


My partner for the evening decided for some meat on meat with Bacon Nation’s Pig Mac.  Although being their most basic burger option, it’s far from your traditional burger.  A beef patty adorned with bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato.  The bun also had bacon bits studded on it.  Filling, moist and juicy, Bacon Nation never disappointments your average bacon lover.


On to the best part of the meal, dessert!  Not going to lie, I had already made up my mind about dessert way before walking through the gates: a Chimney Stax sundae.  Churro cones had made their grand entrance earlier this year, so when I saw this ice cream and cookie crumble adorned churro sundae sitch, I had to have it.  Unfortunately, I must have gone at the wrong time since my churro bowl was hard and had cooled down.  Aside from the stale-ish churro, the overall dessert wasn’t bad, but probably not worth the $10 compared to other desserts.


A few hours later, a dozen of Tiny Tom donuts leaves us satisfied.

If you’re wondering what to do this weekend, The CNE goes on through September 5! Already been? Tell us what you ate while you were there in the comment below!



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