2016 Horoscopes


According to the stars, 2016 looks to be quite the promising year in regards to opportunities that can most definitely bring out all of those hidden gifts.  It’s always a good idea to embark on a journey after closing up those loose ends that may still need tending to from last year.  This may include any outstanding debts, tasks or personal assignments you had set out for yourself.  Not all the changes may be in your favour, but your time will come. Remember, great achievements take time, so you will need patience throughout the year.  Make sure you’re not neglecting other aspects of your life for the sake of work.  Balance is everything this year.


People see you as calm and collected, however, this year, that may change a bit.  You’re under the impression that opportunities may be passing you by before you have the chance to grasp them.  Don’t lose your head trying to grab them all at once.  Gather up your patience, and look beyond what you see. There’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to new prospects.  Make sure you are keeping a close eye on your health as your new impulsive attitude may cause you to neglect those menial, day to day responsibilities.


2016 looks to be quite the creative and productive year for you. That is, if you can manage to weed through the fluff and pick out the ventures that will prove to be the most successful.  Not to rain on your parade but it is important to stay grounded throughout this growth period.  Don’t lose your head, or your emotions, in a fleeting moment.  Be sure that your tasks are organized, and keep yourself disciplined in order to achieve all those creative ideas that have been brewing in your head.  This isn’t the time to be your fickle self.  Focus is key this year.  Personal relationships may bring up emotions that could hurt your dignity in the long run.  Sort out your feelings before lashing out.


The New Year brings new challenges, but nothing your tender heart can’t handle.  Your first priority should be to focus on your personal relationships.  Doing this will clear the air for the rest of 2016 to unfold, providing the emotional stability to get you through the challenges that may present itself.  You will have to endure some judgment when it comes to your own actions, but just turn the other cheek and keep on doing you.  Make sure you stay on top of issues that get in your way.  Letting them sit and brew could mean a bigger mess to clean in the end.  Romance isn’t forgotten this year as 2016 may present some positive breaks in that department.


Leo, you’ve got a lot coming your way this upcoming year!  2016 brings some new changes to your life, some that you may not be ready for exactly.  With regards to work, make sure you have all your T’s and I’s crossed and dotted before you plan any vacations or adventures!  Your desire for freedom is high but you must be disciplined to make sure you’re successful in what you’ve been working towards beginning last year.  Your personal relationship could suffer as a result, especially if your partner is not apt to change so be sure to tread those waters with care.  Patience will be needed to get through this year.  Any advice provided by elders should be taken into account and not quickly dismissed.


Self-discovery will be an ongoing theme throughout 2016.  You find yourself taking on a more practical look at life as you embrace spirituality and refuse to take on excess negativity that you now deem unnecessary.  As the past couple years have unfolded, you’re self-esteem has taken some hits, but this new phase of transformation and growth will bring you back stronger than before.  You’ve come to learn a lot about yourself so whatever challenges come your way this year, you’re more than prepared to take them on.  Personal relationships won’t present any issues, which will give you more energy to into giving back to the community.


This is the year of self-improvement and knowing what you want and deserve out of life.  It won’t be easily done without voicing it though; no one can read your mind.  Continuing your focus on your professional life will prove to be beneficial.  Whatever ideas and ventures your set your mind to now will be greatly received later down the line.  Financial matters may cause a few headaches throughout the year but nothing that your determined self can’t work through. Just make sure you stay organized and all your ducks are in a row.  Regarding personal relationships, many characters that will challenge you and force you to see thing from a different perspective will cross your path as the year unfolds.  Health matters should be watched closely.


2016 will present many new things for you, Scorpio; new experiences, new attitudes.  You’re all about chasing the freedom, whether you’re looking for a partner or a new fork in the career path.  Self-love is also something you want to focus on throughout the year.  You are clear about what you want and what you deserve.  Make sure you take care of the adult responsibilities before delving into your dreams.  Remember to stay grounded and build up that patience because it will definitely be needed.  Personal relationships will continue to prove to be a bit difficult, so make sure you keep your feelings in check or else decision-making will be a challenge.  However, professional relationship and teamwork will definitely benefit you and your success.


This is the year to learn compassion and empathy, something that doesn’t come easy to you.  But it will help you to relate to others and as 2016 is a year for preparing yourself and laying the foundation to a stable career decision.  Your money won’t present any challenges for you this year as long as you keep to budget and don’t go overboard on the indulgences.  You will need to turn a new leaf with regards to some of your beliefs, something that emotional baggage may have been affecting heavily in the past.  Optimism will guide your way to success.  If you have a partner, the boat may be a bit rocky towards the beginning of the year, but there is a chance to hit the refresh button on it. 


Capricorn, you may have a challenging year ahead of you.  Personal relationships may take a backseat to your career, which could lead to disappointment on behalf of those closest to you.  Make sure you don’t over-commit yourself to avoid tension at home.   You may find yourself in situations that can push you to the edge. It’s best if you use the challenges to evolve rather than letting them win.  Past relationships may make a comeback so make sure you prepared to handle anything that come your way.  If you are partnered, things cam either feel like new or come to halt, so make sure you are attentive to any issues that may arise.  This is also a good year to take a closer look at your health.


You’re in between two rocks for most of the year; your desire to go out there, turn a whole new leaf around and begin a new chapter and the comfort and security you find solace in while you’re home.  A healthy balance between the two will help keep you focused on your goals but also keep you grounded and realistic about what’s to come and what has to be done.  Patience and understanding are key to partnerships that can pose a challenge for you throughout the year.  Although efficiency comes naturally to you, it is important that it may not be that way for others.  Make sure you are clear about what you want and expect from a partner, as hoping they would just know can lead to some major disappointment.



After a somewhat tumultuous 2015, this New Year can bring a more whole and complete feeling for you, Pisces.  You could get a big break in terms of finances this year, whether it be a raise, a large winning or at the very least a lucrative opportunity.  This is the year you do you.  Don’t make decisions based on what other people expect or may want from you and don’t let judgements about your personality keep you from taking risks.  Relaxing activities such as yoga and meditation will help you keep a clear mind, as you begin to delve deeper into your spirituality.  Leadership is something you will need to learn this year, as it may be difficult for you.  Make sure you keep a close eye on your health throughout the year as well. 



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