Going Back to School in Style

It’s that time of year again. The air begins to get crisp, with a lingering scent of hope as the school year begins.  September has always felt like a second New Year’s to us. A time for new beginnings; to restart those resolutions you excused ‘because it’s summer!’ and take the bull by its horns. And if you’re going to be putting in those hours at the library, might as well look good while you’re at it. Do U Know has all your latest fall trends for that campus life.

1.      Leather and Suede





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With the coming of fall, heavier fabrics with distinct textures definitely add that extra bit of style without sacrificing your warmth. Suede skirts paired with a light knit sweater work really well, especially combined with low cut oxfords.  For an edgier outfit, look for items that have leather details. Since it’s been such a lasting trend, finding affordable pieces is easier than ever before. If you’re looking for something with a bit more quality but won’t break your bank account, don’t forget about second hand shops. You’ll find something with much better quality for a fraction of the cost. So take a few hours off the grid and get to digging. Happy hunting! Bonus points for some fringe and tassels.

2.      Combat Boots/Oxfords



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There’s a bittersweet feeling when you retire your strappy sandals and replace them with cute fall booties and oxfords. This season, we continue to see the refined punk look spill into mainstream fashion. Doc Martens have become increasingly popular. The classic brand name has released several new prints and styles, making it easy to go with almost anyone’s wardrobe. Take a risk and try them on with black tights and a feminine dress for an awesome juxtaposition. And for those more professional days, slip into a pair of low cut oxfords for a clean androgynous look.  Put them together with a skinny jean and blazer and you’ve got a tailored look to go from class to library to dinner.

3.      Fall Florals

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Floral isn’t just for the spring anymore. We all know how groundbreaking that is. But this year we can enjoy our pumpkin spice lattes in some floral too. With black as night backgrounds and vintage-inspired designs, these prints will go perfectly with a cozy big knit cardigan and leather booties.  Combining a floral dress and a leather jacket will be the perfect outfit for a night out with your crew.  When your daily plans consist of something less fun and more academic, a floral print sweater will be extra warm layered with a collared button-down.  Don’t be scared to pair these darkened prints with a dark plaid skinny leg. Fall florals tend to have a lot of darn greens throughout the print, making it simple to balance out a green and blue tartan. 

4.      Sweater Weather


image source

Nothing says fall more than a cozy sweater. We’re not only seeing a good balance of light small knits and chunky oversized styles, but a lot more detail has been added. Leather continues to make little cameos on shoulder caps and sleeves, and for the more daring types, we’re seeing tassels and fringe added to a simple black pullover.  Who can say no to some tassels?! And if you’re like me, and not ready to give up skirts and dresses, tuck a sweater into a leather midi skirt for a comfy fall look. 

5.      Athleisure

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In the past few years we have seen the return of athletic wear in fashion.  Finally, a fashionable way to stay comfy.  Athleisure has taken over some major brands such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok, offering tapered sweat pants and better quality tops that can go from gym to grocery store.  The cuts have become much more flattering and with collaborations like Alexander Wang and H & M, items have become fashion-forward and extensive. Just ask Rhonda Rousey. The champ herself made a suggestion to Reebok about focusing on the fashion side of athletic apparel.


Do you know what you’ll be rockin’ in around campus? Let us know!

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