Saving: Getting Started

Saving isn’t easy, but as we had mentioned in ourBudget Burger, it is important and very possible to acheive your financial goals.We delve deeper into attaining financial security by 


1.      Better to mend it than end it

Has that comfy old sweater finally given into wear and tear? Rather than throwing it out and spending money for a new one, take the time to get it fixed. Tears and pulls can easily be sewn, and for trickier problems you can always take it to someone with a bit more expertise.  Investing in pieces that will last will save you more than constantly buying clothing that will fall apart by the end of the season.

2.      Cut the morning coffee

I know less than $2 a day may seem like nothing, but at the end of the month that adds up to $60. You’d save a lot more by making it at home before you leave.  Eating breakfast at home will not only save you from spending money at the local coffee shop, but it will decrease your hunger when lunch arrives.  Save yourself from indulging in a huge expensive meal by preparing something the night before. 

3.      Cut your grocery bill down

Flyers are an awesome way to help save money on weekly groceries. Most major grocery stores offer price matching, so if you’re taking public transit, bring along those flyers to save yourself the extra trips.  Keeping to generic store brands will also cut your costs. You’ll find that the products are the same, you’re just paying for the brand name.  Another way to save on necessities is to utilize bulk stores. Same simple ingredients at a fraction of the cost.

4.      Clean out your closet

Whether you want to admit it or not, you probably haven’t worn every single thing in your closet in the past year.  Go through everything, yes I meaneverything,and if you haven’t worn in it in the past year put it in a giveaway pile. With secondhand stores being the new ‘trend’ for hipsters, shops like Kind Exchange will take whatever they can resell and actually pay you for it. 

5.      Skip the mall this holiday

I’m sure this is the one tip you will love! No one likes a packed mall in the dead of winter, kids screaming, people shoving each other and the overall absence of the holiday spirit is somewhat disheartening.   Save yourself the stress and anxiety of shopping malls and opt for making gifts instead.  Not only does it save you from the horrific parking lots and crowds, but your wallet will thank you.  Gifting something holiday themed to people will save you from getting personal gifts for every single person in your life.  For family and those closer to you, you can still make their presents personal without the hefty price tag!


You don’t have to break the bank this year. Saving is a process. It takes time to get yourself started, but making slow steps and working towards a financially stable future is possible for everyone!



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