The Budget Burger

Budgeting can be a b*tch. All we want to do is pop bottles, look good and sleep all day.Sadly, adulthood isn’t exactly set up around these important aspects so you’ve got do some work to make sure you can actually afford it. Below we take a look at the Budget Burger.



50% – The Bread

The bread is the part of this juicy burger that holds everything together. Without it, all the other fillings seem to fall apart. Unless you go for that low carb lettuce wrap burger, in which case, someone needs to explain to you what a real burger is. So yes, the bread is necessary. And when it comes to budgeting your money, you should see the bread as your necessities. 

Now, we know a good burger isn’t half bread but the ratio of bread to your other toppings is pretty close to 50%.  Half of your total monthly income should go directly to the essentials. This includes any fixed payments that are consistent going from month to month. Rent or mortgage payments, cell phone and utility bills, and car payments. Even costs such as gym memberships and Netflix would be placed under this category as they are fixed payments you’ve subscribed to.

20% – Condiments/Toppings

Okay, so we may be reaching with this one, but all the veggies and toppings you put on your burger is probably what you should be eating more of. It’s the stuff that is bettering your body. There has to be SOME good in a burger, right? T

The condiments refer to your financial goals.  Student loans and credit card payments are not exactly the best part of budgeting but we know it’s for the better.  20% of your monthly income should be going towards this.  Debt repayment is essential to not only relieving you of debt but making it easier to attain financial security in the long run.  Savings for a down payment for house would also be part of this category.

It is also suggested to keep an emergency fund that you contribute to regularly. Now it doesn’t have to be anything that put you in a tight situation but even putting away as little as $50 a pay could save you $1,200 for the year!

30% – The Meat

We’ve made it to the good stuff. The belly of the beast. The crème de la crème. The juicy, greasy, meaty burger.  This is where you would put all the stuff that you need or want, but the cost tends to fluctuate from month to month.  Now we are not implying your groceries aren’t essential, but it is a cost that differs on a regular basis. At times you will spend more on groceries and stay at home whereas other times you may find yourself eating out more. 


This is also where you would account for any entertainment and hobby spending you plan to do for the month.  It is beneficial to cover your bread and toppings first and then figure out what is left for your luxuries.  



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