Music Mondays: Travis Scott

Travi$ Scott, also known as La Flame, is tearing up the industry and marking his name in every venue he plays, making him the artist to see if you are down rage. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, life for Scott started when he discovered his passion in music when he was a little kid. Part of his passion in music was due to his dad as it was his him that taught Travis how to play the drums when he was a child. His dad was also in a band known as “Sticks”. However, as Travis started to grow up, his parents never really wanted him to get into music. He stated, “Hell no, they didn’t want me to do music. The most ironic thing is my grandfather has his masters in music composition, he was a Jazz composer. My dad was a musician too, he played more like soul music. His dad was a drummer and plays the piano. That’s where I get my whole music theory from, my pops and grandfather.”


After high school Travis attended the University of Texas at Austin as well as The University of Texas at San Antonio. After his first semester in University, it became well aware that Travis had no business in school as he lacked passion to pursue further education. Travis dropped out to pursue a new career path in music. At this moment his mother didn’t know that he has dropped out and moved to LA. Travis would use his mom’s funds to finance his music career using the money to pay off producers, his rent, his flight and food.

In the hip-hop industry you need a name that portrays who you are. Some rappers use their own name and some develop a different alias that they go by. The name Travi$ Scott was inspired by his favorite uncle whose name is Travis. “My uncle’s name is Travis. He was like my favorite uncle. My favorite relative. I looked up to him and shit. That n**** was cool as fuck. He always just had swag. He played gold and shit. He just had swag. That n**** was smart. Always made good decisions, good business decisions.”

In 2009, legendary Atlanta Georgia rapper T.I linked up with Travis in wanting to sign the rapper and produce music together. T.I invited the young rapper over to his studio as they composed the mixtapeOwl PharaohandDays Before Rodeo.Both mixtapes became a success as Travis scored over millions of views debuting his music videos for singles;QuintantaandUpper Echelonfeaturing T.I and 2 Chainz.

The movement became real, so real that superstar rapper mogul Kanye West invited Travis into his house to have Travis play his music to Kanye. The “Quintana” rhymer says that the first time he met Yeezy he gave him a taco full of sour cream. Travis usually doesn’t eat the condiment but he didn’t want to insult the G.O.O.D. Music founder. “First thing he gave me was a Doritos taco from Taco Bell. He’s like, ‘Yo you want a taco?’ I was like, ‘Yeah!’ He gave it to me on this fancy ass platter, like some Hermes shit. What’s crazy is, I don’t even like sour cream, he told complex. “That taco was so fucking disgusting, but man, I wouldn’t even notice it. Just playing him my music and just to see him nod his head even a little bit was just ill.”

Travis has stated on many occasions that Kid Cudi is his favorite rapper of all time. “He’s the ultimate, he’s like one of the realist rappers alive. His music has an edge to it.” He told Peter Rosenburg.  His emotions for the rapper went so high to the point Travis literally cried when he first Kid Cudi in the studio with A-Trak.

Travis newest album Rodeo features many big names like; Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Young Thug, Big Sean, Future, Juicy J and Kacy Hill.

La Flame is here and he isn’t planning on disappearing. 2016 is surely going to be the year Travis will make his biggest impact towards the hip-hop industry. Watch out. 



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