5 Haunted Places of Toronto

Line up the horror movies and blow the dust off those scary bedtime stories! It’s Halloween week and for those of you who aren’t afraid of a little supernatural encounter, we’ve got 5 local spots to check out and maybe make some friends from the other side.

Fort York

Located in the middle of shiny glass condos, tucked between Bathurst St. and Spadina Ave. is the Fort York National Historic Site.  It has been the site of many battles and was used primarily during the War of 1812 for several battles. It now serves as an exhibit of historical artifacts, however, there have been reports and sightings of old soldiers, donning their red jackets on the grounds once the night takes over. There have also been accounts of a mysterious woman who wanders through the buildings that was once used to house soldiers.

The Keg Mansion

The Keg Mansion is quite the place to grab a fancy dinner, but you may have a couple extra guests.  The mansion was originally built for Arthur McMaster, nephew of the university founder and later sold to Hart Massey.  Massey’s daughter, Lillian, had been adored by the house staff.  Shortly after her death, the house maid was found hung in the foyer above the staircase.  It has been said you could still see her hanging there or standing on the stairs.

There has also been several accounts of children running and laughing only for patrons to find no children around them.  I don’t know about you guys, but children have always been creepy to me.  Much less children dressed in historic garb.

Casa Loma

Who didn’t have a feeling about this already? A castle is bound to have its share of secret guests, stuck there for eternity and forever wandering the halls and secret passageways of this historic site.  A prominent visitor would be the renowned woman in white.  Several visitors and staff have seen her walking through the halls, assumed to have been a made in the early 1900s.

Amongst the stories there have been accounts of horses trotting being heard from secret tunnels, as well as man taking care of the garden.  Most prominently, however, would be the several sightings of previous owners, Sir Henry Pellatt and his wife Lady Mary Pellatt.  Attempts to video tape Lady Mary’s room has always ended in failure due to mysterious technical difficulties.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Okay, so maybe every cemetery has its fair share of restless residents, but Mount Pleasant is notably larger than some, and several visitors have noticed many supernatural and eerie beings on the grounds. It had become a cemetery in 1873 when the city needed a place to bury those that did not follow the Roman Catholic or Christian church.

With over 168,000 burials, I’m sure it can get a bit crowded. People have attested to seeing multiple beings around closing time. No one specifically, given the cemetery is the burial site for many historical figures, but some claim to feel a presence with them.  Electrical and light incidents have been reported alongside touches and mysterious physical pulls with no one present.

Fairmont Royal York

The landmark hotel has been opened since 1929.  That gives us almost 100 years of ghosts in the building.  Rooms are only rented up to the 19th floor, while floors 20-23 are used for electrical and mechanical controls. It has been reported that several incidents have happened while workers have had to do repairs or maintenance on these levels.

An employee had hung himself in the stairwell of these floors as well, leading to visitors hearing screams and voices coming from the top of the stairs. Video surveillance never show anyone up there during the times of these reports.  Aside from sounds and the occasional footsteps, many guests have felt a presence with them, one guest claiming to have been walking through the 8th floor and feeling as if someone is following or watching them. Once they got to another floor, the feeling was gone.

So grab your flashlight, your camera and go exploring! We won’t judge if you bring a teddy bear. Our lips are sealed!



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