It’s been a while since we have heard about our girl, Kesha but a situation that was first brought to the public in mid-late 2014 has reached a boiling point. 

In January of 2014, the American singer had been admitted to Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center for an eating disorder.  It was at this time that Kesha had announced that she had been struggling with the disorder for the past 5 years, which happened to be when she first signed onto the record label.  She made claims against Lukasz Sebastian, also known as Dr. Luke, one of Kesha’s main collaborators and producers, that he had been abusive, charging him with sexual assault and battery, sexual harassment, gender violence, emotional abuse and violating California business practices for the duration of their 10 year business relationship. 

Dr. Luke had been a main contributor to her album Warrior that was release in November 2012.  Shortly after the album release, Kesha had agreed to a TV documentary series titled Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life.  It was during the broadcast of this series that it became public that Kesha had very little say regarding the singer’s second album.  As per Dr. Luke’s orders, songs that Kesha wanted to be put on the album, songs she had written herself, had been excluded from the project entirely without her consent.

Not only did Dr. Luke’s control take over Kesha’s artistic freedom, something that isn’t uncommon in the industry, but his abuse and power extended to her personal life and image.  It was rumoured that the producer had repeatedly verbally and emotionally abused the singer, voicing harmful words about her weight and body image, demanding she lose weight, actions that Kesha would later confess played a heavy role in her admittance to rehab.  In hopes of being freed from having to produce 6 more albums with her abuser, Kesha had sought a release from her contract with both Sony Records and Kemosabe Records, which is owned by Lukasz. 

Late last week, Kesha’s request to be released had been rejected.  A New York judge had denied Kesha’s preliminary injunction towards Sony Record (FYI: Kemosabe is under the umbrella of Sony Records), a request that Kesha’s lawyer, Mark Gregaros, had explained would be detrimental to preserving the singer’s career.  It would have allowed much more artistic freedom for Kesha, and also protect her from someone who has put her through such an emotional and hurtful experience. 

Several strong female artists, such as Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Arianna Grande and Kelly Clarkson have shown their support.  #FreeKesha had been a trending hashtag all over the internet in support of the singer as well.

Although Kesha was unable to get what she had requested, Dr. Luke has agreed to not be part of the working process alongside Kesha, as she is tied to 6 more albums with the label. 

Well, how nice of him AFTER he compared her body to a refrigerator and heavily influenced this woman’s eating disorder…



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