The Legacy of CR7 – Cristiano Ronaldo

The Legacy of CR7 – Cristiano Ronaldo

Before Sunday, bet makers listed France to be the European champion with equal odds to win the cup while it would cost you $100 to win $350 if you were to bet on Portugal. Chances were it would be a better choice to bet on France given the amount of superstar players they have in their squad. With no injuries or suspension on the French side, given the fact that the tournament is hosted in France the team had the whole nation by their side and, it would be a miracle for the Portuguese to overcome the star-studded French side. Even many critics have bashed Portugal for their easy path to the finals and to be lucky enough that the new Euro format has allowed them to still be competing in the tournament. However Portugal didn’t make up or break the rules and with Cristiano Ronaldo on your team, they might have a slight chance of winning it.

As the game got start Sunday afternoon Eastern Standard Time. The world was watching to see what will unfold in the finals. The game started off hot for France as they played a high tempo game pressuring the Portuguese side leading them to turn the ball over 6 times in the first 5 minutes. You can already see that the momentum is all in favor for France.

Things gotten worse for Portugal when Ronaldo got fouled on the play by Dimitri Payet who accidently kneed him on the knee when fighting for the ball. Ronaldo went down and you can tell that he was hurt on the play. Ronaldo got back up and continued to play but you can see in his face that the pain was bothering him and it was really effecting his performance. When the 25th minute it was clear that Ronaldo can no longer play and he was carried out of the game by the medical team.

At this point it was evitable that France had all the chance to seal the win and be crown as champions. No Ronaldo means no problem. However that wasn’t the case, after Ronaldo substitution France didn’t play a high tempo game and the opportunities created were all missed by a slight margin. The game finished and was lead to extra time.

And then midway through extra time, it was Eder who scored the game winning goal at the 109’ minute. The happiness on the Portugal side is something you can’t buy. Portugal earned the win and the crown as Euro’s number one team.

But what did this mean to Ronaldo’s legacy? Well it was reported that at halftime, Ronaldo gave one of the most motivating speech in the locker room after the team was in shock that their leader was pulled off the game. Teammates have told reporters that Ronaldo yelled at the team and told them not to give up and they have a chance to beat France. It was that speech that motivated the team to rally together and do it not for him but for the country.

Ronaldo has surpass Messi as a player and as a leader.  His influence on his team helped them become the champs of Europe and if you’re going to be one of those critics to take that away from him. Just remember that even though he didn’t play the full 90 minutes, he was still on the pitch helping coach the game and lead their team to the finals. Ronaldo is a complete footballer and he might go down as one of the best players to ever play the game. Congrats Portugal and congrats to one of the future GOATS of this game Cristiano Ronaldo aka CR7.


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