NBA Draft Grades Top 5 Picks

NBA Draft Grades Top 5 Picks

Philadelphia 76ers #1 Pick

Grade: A

Select: Ben Simmons

Already being compared to LeBron James, Ben Simmons is the biggest draw in the draft. His ability to attack the basket, pass and rebound is everything the 76ers is looking for. After losing Michael Carter Williams in a lopsided trade for literally no one in return. The 76ers are looking for a playmaker, a guy who can pass the ball and feed it to the big mans. The one thing that is very limited in Simmons game is his ability to shoot the ball. Simmons only shot 2 threes during his NCAA career and he averages only 4 shots from outside the paint that is something that the sixers will have to assist Simmons in.


Los Angeles Lakers #2 Pick

Grade: A

Select: Brandon Ingram

It was no doubt that the Lakers had to draft the next best talent which was Brandon Ingram. Ingram game is much like NBA superstar Kevin Durant. The dude can shot anywhere, his three point game is efficient, as he shoots 42 percent from the three point line. His isolation game is going to be a force to be reckon with. If he can continue to develop his game where he can just isolate and create his own shot, we will be looking at a soon-to-be superstar player.


Boston Celtics #3 Pick

Grade: B-

Select: Jaylen Brown

Jaylen Brown was a bit of a shocker being drafted at number 3. Many would thought that the Celtics would aim for the next best talent in Kris Dunn, however due to their stacked guard roster. Celtics went in another direction and drafted a small forward. It make sense however some would argue that the next best small forward after Ingram is Marquese Chriss. Jaylen Brown isn’t a bad pick, but yet again he isn’t a great pick. I see him as a role player, comparable to a Harrison Barnes.


Phoenix Suns #4 Pick

Grade: B-

Select: Dragan Bender

This was a huge gamble for the Phoenix Suns. They selected an international player who is great on the Euro stage, however the NBA is a different type of league. The upside about this draft pick is that Bender is 7 feet power forward. His game is comparable to the likes of Dirk Nowitzki. Bender has really wide long range in his shooting. But let’s remember… There was another similar player by the name of Andrea Bargnani who had high expectation and was very much comparable to Dirk. However he couldn’t live up to the expectations and that resulted in him currently without a NBA job.


Minnesota Timberwolves #5 Pick

Grade: A-

Select: Kris Dunn

This was a great pick for the Timberwolves. You can already guess that Ricky Rubio will soon be out the door as the Timberwolves will be adding a new young PG to the young core of Lavine, Wiggins and Towns. New head coach Tom Thibodeau will surely give them the right direction in how to compete and make it to the playoffs.




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