Oscar Recap

Last night marked a huge occasion in the movie industry for actors, directors, producers and movie buffs alike as Hollywood’s best strolled down the red carpet for the 88th annual Academy Awards.

The Academy had been under fire once the nominees were announced and the lack of diversity had still been obvious.  Now, we’re not going to make this a race article, but as host Chris Rock walked out onto the stage, there was a moment of ‘How is this going to unravel?’

The opening speech did what It was supposed to do; lightly touching on the controversy surrounding the award show, positioning himself in a very neutral position as to appease the audience regardless of their opinion on the matter.

Ok, so it may have been a bit aggressive, but as the show went on, addressing diversity issues in the movie industry became redundant.  The PSA did have an a speed bump in the road however, as Stacey Dash walked out on stage to declare her like of fellow black people and wished everyone in attendance a Happy Black History Month.  You could hear a pin drop as Dash smiled and waved to the camera before returning backstage.

Performances by Toronto’s very own The Weeknd and Lady Gaga added some music to the night, as Abel crooned out Earned It, Gaga was introduced by US Vice President, Joe Biden, making a statement on sexual assault on university campuses across North America.  Lady Gaga had performed Til it Happens to You, an emotional ballad that the songstress belted out flawlessly, as survivors of assault and abuse walked out beside her in a stand up for the cause.

The night wasn’t all serious political jabs, but were we the only ones that were found the Suge Knight pokes a bit overdone?  The actor that played the music executive in Straight Outta Compton made a few appearances throughout the night, either strapped to a straight board or in a jailhouse orange tux.  Rock didn’t stop at Suge.  He also made several snaps at Kevin Heart taking most of the jobs for black male comedians in the recent years, tipping his hat to the fact that he has had a major film every year.

As the night went on, Leo finally won his first Oscar.  After being repeatedly nominated and mocked as each year went by and the actor had to head back home emptyhanded, he got his win.  Announced as Best Actor for his role in The Revenant, the 41-year-old actor delivered a humble and eloquent speech, assuring that the Oscar is very much appreciated and won’t be ‘taken for granted’.

Aside from some odd Girl Scout cookie selling instigated by Rock, The Weeknd’s failed attempt to hide his reaction to Stacey’s announcement and a confusing cameo of three Asian children who Rock claimed to be ‘making your cellphones’ these days, the night ran fairly smoothly for a live event.


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