UEFA Champions: Real Madrid

On Saturday afternoon the world tuned in to watch one of the biggest game in all of sports, the rematch between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. One of the biggest rivalry in the sport of football or as some Americans would say Soccer, both teams have had many history battling each other through league championships, domestic cups and how can we forget about the last major occurrence when Real Madrid defeated Atletico in the 2013-14 UEFA Champions League Final. At that time Real Madrid was on the verge of losing, however in the final minute of the game Real Madrid Captain Sergio Ramos heads in a spectacular goal to tie the game and send it to Extra Time and if you watched the game then… we all know what happens next.

Saturday night had all of the thrills and intense moments resembling all of the factors to why the Champions League Final is the best sports finals anyone can watch.

Real Madrid started the game hot scoring in the 15’ minute again by their captain Sergio Ramos. It was an amazing play as one of the best set piece kicker Toni Kroos delivered the ball to Gareth Bale – who flicks the incoming ball with his head to direct the ball over to Ramos who scored on the play. Atletico didn’t crumple as they were still in the game defending the brilliance offensive attack by Real Madrid throughout the first half.

The second half was a completely different game. Atletico Madrid came out firing! 3 minutes into the second half, Pepe fouls Fernando Torres which eventually led to a penalty kick for Atletico Madrid. It was Antoine Griezmann who stepped up to take the PK. Odds were Griezmann had 90 percent chance to score on this crucial penalty. However he missed… the shot hit the top crossbar and bounced back towards the defenders and Real Madrid were able to clear it out. The look on Griezmann face shows how disappointed he is in himself.

Atletico Madrid kept on fighting and eventually in the 79’ minute Yannick Ferreira Carrasco scored on a beautiful delivery by Juanfran. It was a lovely play and more lovely for the way Carrasco celebrated his goal  as he ran towards his girlfriend and kissed her.

The game finished and extra time was needed. Both teams kept battling however no one score during ET which eventually led to PK. Real Madrid started off first scoring in the first 4 penalty. As Juanfran stepped into the box. You can see the nervousness in his body. Juanfran shot the ball – the ball went past the goal keeper however it bounces right on the side bar.  Atletico fans were crying and screaming. Tears were starting to come down. The next person to step into the box was Cristiano Ronaldo. Scoring this PK would seal the deal and Real Madrid would be crown as champions of Europe. Imagine half of the stadium screaming against you and the other half is screaming for you. You can tell that the moment for Ronaldo has arrived and he could be the one to score this very crucial goal to help his team left that championship trophy. Ronaldo went in and scored the penalty in the most calmest way and that was it, the team storm towards him and the celebration was on.

What hurts the most about this game was the faces on the Atletico players. Juanfran who played a magical game today broke down into tears. You can tell that he believed he let his team down but that really wasn’t the case. During the game Atletico outplayed Real Madrid and if there was one thing to be said about this game. It is the fact the Atletico is just as good as Real Madrid. It was unfortunate that the game was decided on penalties. They are both champions for the way they played and it was truly one of most intense and thrilling UEFA Champions League Finals game to remember.








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