UEFA Power Rankings

UEFA Power Rankings

  1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid haven’t made any moves offseason as of yet. However when you think about it why would they? They just came off from being the champions of Europe after beating city rivals Atletico Madrid. Ronaldo finally seized his countries first ever cup and it seems as though every player will return 100 percent clear and healthy before the start of the season. If there any moves that they need to make, it is their bench. Barcelona bench is a lot better than Real, and if they want to stay on top of the football world, they must bolster their bench.


  1. Atletico Madrid

Losing out in penalties during the UEFA Champions League Finals is really tough to swallow. When you lose again to a team that beat you in the finals two years ago. Well… that hurt when you truly think about it. Atletico didn’t make a whole significant chance in their roster. They have retained Torres to a 1 year deal and is currently in talks of bringing back striker Diego Costa. If Costa decides to sign with the team things could get  real ugly for Real and Barca as Atletico attack would be very deadly to deal with with the frontlines of Griezmann, Costa and Koke. Atletico remains number 2 simply because they didn’t lose any key player and with the emergence of Griezmann, they have a superstar player in whom they could build around with.


  1. Barcelona

Barcelona strengthen their bench and more importantly they added a young talented CB defender in Samuel Umititi from Lyon. It was very tough to determine whether if Barca deserves 2nd or Atletico. We choose Atletico simply because they are still in talks with Costa and many of their players are entering into the prime as for Barca, the team is currently suffering aging stars like Iniesta, Pique and Macherano. On top of all that they lost Dani Alves who was the best RB in La Liga.


  1. Bayern Munich

In comes Ancelotti! The Italian Don is back with another big club as he looks to guide Bayern Munich back in the path as UEFA Champions. With the addition of Mat Hummels, Bayern has tremendously upgraded their defense. The defence line of Lahm, Boateng, Hummels, Alaba, Vidal and Neuer might be the best that has ever been constructed in the history of soccer. Under the control of Ancelotti, Bayern will surely be fun to watch.


  1. Juventus

Many speculations have aired into the world of football in regards to Paul Pogba leaving the club for Manchester United. Nothing has been confirmed yet, however if in the case that their talisman will agree to leave. Bayern will lose a key component in their midfield. They have recently added Dani Alves to their squad and is currently in talks with Gonzalo Huguain. If for some miracle Juventus manage to sign Huguain. They would move past Bayern and Barca in the rankings. Adding a 36 Serie A scorer on your squad is a huge move for the club.


  1. Borussia Dortmund

The new attacking fleet of Reus, Gotze, Schurrle and Aubameyang will be very exciting to watch even more interesting when they go up against Bayern. Even though they lost Mkhitaryan and Hummels. They have used their earnings to upgrade their attack and that has surely put them on at 6th in our power rankings.


  1. PSG

Shockingly PSG have become very quiet in the transfer market. They have a couple of voids to fill, one being their attack after Zlatan left and their goal keeper, who had allowed to many goals during the UEFA tournament. They have been linked with James Rodriguez. However chances are the Columbian star will most likely stay put in Real Madrid. PSG must look to spit money on Ospina from Arsenal or Hugo Loris from Tottenham if they want to make it far in the tournament. As for their attack, Morata might be the best candidate in replacing Zlatan.


  1. Leicester City

It wouldn’t make any sense to put any English club above the Premier League Champions. The biggest news from Leicester in the offseason thus far was Vardy deciding that he will stay put instead of a blockbuster move to Arsenal. However they lost Kante and now could lose Riyad Mahrez to Arsenal. Leicester must keep their midfield intact or at least sign someone who can fill the void for Kante and possible Mahrez. Although the club doesn’t have the budget like Arsenal, ManU or City. They can still get affordable players like Keisuke Honda, Frank Ribbery or even Wesley Sneijder.


  1. Manchester United

Of all the clubs in the Premier League, Manchester United made the biggest moves in signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Henrik Mkhitaryan, Eric Baily and possibly Paul Pogba. Those are all great signings from new boss Jose Mourinho who will really push the club to high limits to win a major trophy during his reign. Mourinho is no joke of a coach. When it comes to football, his defensive tactics are considered one of the best in the history of football. Given the recent reputation of ManU. Mourinho is perfect person who can coach this team back to the glory days.


  1. Arsenal

Arsenal is currently on the brink of losing their fan base if the club doesn’t win a major trophy this upcoming year. They have recently sign Granit Xhaka, who played well in the Euro 2016. However their CB and Striker position is where the club lost out in winning the Premier League. Arsenal needs to sign a striker. We all know how bad Giroud is at finishing and Per Mertesacker is old and slow. Arsenal should be the team of London. However Chelsea has proven that they hold that title winning both Premier League and UEFA in the last 10 years. Arsenal has won neither in the last 14 years. It’s embarrassing and pathetic. If the team still has desires to please their fantastic fan base. They need to stop being cheap and spend on players!



  1. Manchester City
  2. Tottenham Hotspur
  3. Chelsea
  4. Napoli
  5. Benfica
  6. Sevilla
  7. Liverpool
  8. Internazionale
  9. Porto
  10. West Ham United


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