The Best Social Media Phone Apps

The Best Social Media Phone Apps

Have that perfect picture but don’t think it is just right to post or that it fits well with your website design? Have the perfect edited image but don’t want to pay a Toronto graphic design artist money to help them maximize the look of your social page? Had a Toronto event planning agency throw your company the best launch party, but your phone images don’t do the party justice? Want to have the best curated social profile but just don’t have the time? Without the proper primping, your cellphone images and videos can look like a drag. However, to spare you and your social profiles from unedited and boring posts, we are breaking down the 5 best phone apps that will help you bring your social media presence to life.

  1. VSCO: This amazing editing app is a must have for anyone wanting to amplify their social presence. Not only can you add amazing filters to your photos (Hello Pink Filter Background!), but it also helps you crop photos, helps with brightness and exposure, helps to make the photo clearer and sharper, if the image is crocked it will straighten it out… Pretty much it does it all!


  1. Snapseed: With the add ins that VSCO has, this amazing editing app also helps with being able to select certain parts of a photo and edit just those sections (whereas VSCO edits the image as a whole). This is great for when the image looks almost perfect but just certain sections need the attention.


  1. UNUM: Pretty much the best visual planner! Let us tell you a secret. The key to social media success- especially Instagram- is perfectly curated photos. Not only that, but in order to have a perfectly curated Instagram page is for it to fit a certain look and tone. UNUM helps you plan your social posts by plotting photos and helping you achieve the look and tone before you have to hit Share on your Instagram page.


  1. Boomerang: Forget about boring old still photos. Video postings are now in full swing and an essential part of social media success. When creating short social media videos, our go to app is Boomerang. Basically the name says it all. You take a quick video and it shows you repeating the action via the video!


  1. Hootsuite: Looking to create posts for a week, a month or even a year at a time but don’t have the time to sit down and do the posts every single day. We have a solution for you! Hootsuite! Hootsuite helps you in scheduling your posts for the amount of time which you need. Sit at home for a day. Schedule your posts for the next three months and forget about that daily stress!


While these apps won’t resolve all your problems, they will definitely make your social media work much easier. However, as always, you can always count on the team at doUknow to take off the social media burden off your back. With experts in every field ranging from Photography, to Videography, to SEO, to Content Management, doUknow can help you with whatever social media task comes your way!

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