How could an influencer help your brand?

How could an influencer help your brand?

We’ve all seen the endless Instagram photos of some self-proclaimed models posing with their packet of FitTea and swearing by the results of it as part their healthy eating and living regime. Or the gym rat that’s got an endless supply of workout clothes that would definitely beat your leggings and old t-shirt any day.  These people are changing the way businesses market their product or services, and breaking down a wall that consumers have had up for years.

Consumers can be skeptical about traditional advertising methods.  But having an influencer behind your brand can help to bring your brand the exposure and reach you need to grow.  As most influencers channel their products through social media, this marketing strategy is much less intrusive in the consumer’s eyes.  They choose to follow the influencer, trust their opinions and view them as the trendsetters of what’s new and worth it.  They’re the pinnacle of lifestyle and culture.

One study conducted by Twitter found that ‘40% of users say they have made a purchase as a direct result of a tweet from an influencer.’

So why should you bring an influencer into your marketing strategy? Consumers are more likely to trust a third party opinion than the claims put out by the brand itself.  Of course you’re going to advocate and stand by your product or service, but if someone they view as an equal consumer supports it then it must be worth a try.

Having an influencer is also a great way to generate original content.  Some may ask that you provide the content, but most of the time, sending your product and an outline of requests will do the job. And in a week or so you have original content and exposure to a following that you didn’t have access to before.

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