Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action!

You’re scrolling through Facebook, passing winded status updates and memes you’ve probably seen way too many times. But what are you most likely to slow down and give that extra time to? A video. From cute pets to daring stunts, videos are the most captivating content to any social media user.

Visual content is crucial to getting your brand the recognition it needs to grow.  And by the end of this year, experts predict that 74% of internet traffic will be video content.

So where does your brand begin when it comes to creating video content?

The first step is to not think of your typical TV commercial when you hear ‘video content’.  As mentioned in our blogs on influencers and social media marketing breaking down the wall that consumers have built towards advertising is crucial to getting their attention.  Videos showcasing your product or services, offering tips and tricks that relate to your industry and even comical videos are simple ways to add a personality to you brand, increase your exposure and, ultimately, gain consumers.

Not sure where to begin with a video that could help your company grow? Contact us today to find out how we can help your brand grow with videography in Toronto and the GTA.

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