Why Blog?

Why Blog?

Blogging is a tedious task. A lot of time, research and man hours goes into coming up with quality pieces. Although blogging takes up a lot of time and effort, it is about more than just writing a piece. Blogging is about obtaining results and recognition. Let us explain.

Firstly, blogging drives traffic to your website. Sure someone could just type in your business name into their browser and have you come up. However, those people that are searching your business name in their browser are people that already know who you are or have already heard about you. Any business wants more traffic and they want those that don’t know them to know about them. Blogging helps with this. There are many ways to drive traffic to you page, but those ways end up being very expensive and not long lasting. With blogging, every time you write a blog post you increase your chances of people getting to know you. How? Well, every time a post is written, another indexed page is added to your website, which means that there are more chances that search engines will pick up your website when someone does a general search. Not only that, but with you blogging often, more people will read the content you are putting out which increases the chance of someone reposting that content on social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, garnering more followers and visits to your social pages and website. Many businesses use blogging as a way to garner more traffic, including the best SEO companies available in Toronto.

Not only does your blog increase traffic to your website but it increases your reliability as well. Customers always want to make sure the company is knowledgeable in the product or service which they are selling. Blog help you demonstrate your knowledge. Let’s say you are a baking company and you teach baking classes on the weekends, writing blogs teaching others how to bake demonstrates your knowledge in the service which you are providing (shows that you know what you are doing), and reassures the customer that you are suited to provide them the baking skills which they are looking for. Without that additional outlet for potential customers to gather information from, you are just one company in a huge directory that clients need to choose from.

These are just two examples of the importance of blogging. We will dive into more reasons in future blog posts and newsletters. Stay tuned!

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