Oh, what a night!

Oh, what a night!

So you’ve started your own business. You’ve got your products or service ready, your website design has been approved and launched and you seem to have your social media marketing down. But you’re still missing something. It’s not the quality and it’s not the staff. It’s the personality. And more so, excitement!

Generating excitement around your brand is important. It encourages consumer engagement, provides a way to generate a word of mouth train and creates an experiential connection. Providing an experience for the consumer to tie to your brand makes it easier for them to remember your product and gain some top of mind real estate.

One of the best ways to generate excitement is by creating an event that will not only showcase your product or service, but allows you to communicate directly with your target, answer questions they may not be willing to search online for and be able to talk to them while they’re in a willing and participatory position.

An event can range from a pop-up shop, a small giveaway in the city or even a booth at a show, carnival or local community event. The great thing about an event is that there is an option at any budget. Aligning your brand with a charity, offering a contest or free sampling can help to engage consumers and begin the conversation between you and your audience.

VAPZ, a longstanding client of ours, had decided to showcase their product line at the National Women’s Show late last year and the reception was outstanding. The first initiative? A social media driven contest giving away tickets to the show. This not only provides content for your other marketing channels, but can also start the ball rolling in attracting visitors to your station. Offering free samplings of a number of their products, they piqued the interest of several visitors, were able to explain that, given their name, they, in fact, sell a lot more than vaping products. The results? More sales, more inquiries and a lot more exposure than before.

Don’t know where to start your event marketing strategy? Contact us to find out how we can help get you started!

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