First Impressions are the Most Lasting

First Impressions are the Most Lasting

We’ve all heard the saying before, but how does that translate when it comes to marketing your brand?

Your first impression as a brand is the opportunity to set the character/personality of your brand, generate an excitement around the launch of your product or service and really inform your audience about who you are, what you offer and what sets you apart from the competition.  Any Toronto marketing agency will tell you that! A great way to introduce yourself is to offer a media kit to potential advertisers, sponsors, influencers and bloggers.  Not only will it inform your audience of what you’re about but it will also show that you know what you’re doing when it comes to getting your name out there.

Yes, you have social media, and a growing following, but social media marketing isn’t the only tool at your hands.

So what’s a media kit?

A media kit is a document or package that explains exactly what your brand is, what you do and your general business mission, any testimonials you’ve gathered, frequently asked questions, notable clients, special rates and promos and, of course, contact information.  Statistics such as social media followers and engagement and any survey results that you’ve gathered.  This will all add to your credibility.

Media kits are not finished in one night, and will be somewhat of an investment of time and resources, but it will pay off in the end.

Need help with starting up your media kit? Contact us today and let us help you and your business grow!

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