Merchandising 101

Merchandising 101

Whether you’re starting off a new venture or the time has come to evolve your business, merchandising is key to successfully engage consumers and establish a strong brand identity.  Merchandising is an umbrella that encompasses packaging, product design, pricing, point of purchase displays and so much more!  Where your product meets the consumer is merchandising, thus, many aspects must be taken into consideration when it comes to successfully launching your brand.

Packaging is the first thing that consumers will note about your brand.  From the logo, to colour scheme to the actual packaging itself, this is your products first impression at a retail level.  Not only should it reflect your brand effectively, but also remain unique and represent your brand to the best extent. This could include unique packaging, legible product copy and descriptions and unity amongst different product lines.

Product Design
Product design is comprised of utility, aesthetics, profitability and it must be differentiable.  It goes without saying that setting your brand or product apart from its competitors is important, but your actual product must offer much more than novelty to its users.  For example, it must be present an efficient use and reliability throughout the product life.  And of course, your product design must coincide with effective pricing to ensure profitability.

Point of Purchase
Aside from shelf placement strategies (eye level is best!), a great way to grab a consumer’s eye is with a point of purchase display.  From cardboard stand-ups to a store within a store, a POP is an effective way to really engage with consumers and set your brand aside from your competitors.  A store within a store allows a brand to ‘rent’ a space in a retail store that could include a demonstration or sampling.  This also allows you to directly communicate with your audience, providing a memorable experience tied to your brand.

Our clients at VAPZ had an expanding product line, branching off from e-cigarettes to teas, coffees and cold-pressed juices and even candles! Although their product line consists of a number of different types of products, they’re logo and product design made for effective uniform merchandising.

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