It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning Your Office Holiday Party

It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning Your Office Holiday Party

The sun is shining, your sundresses are back in rotation, and your feet are free from socks and boots and snow! So why would you start thinking about your office now?

Because December isn’t that too far! And chances are, that perfect place you want may be booking out fast!

Event planning is a big task in any regard, but planning the annual office party seems to take a bit more time, preparation and attention to detail.

The first order of business?  Figure out your budget.  This will give you a good starting point in terms of what you can afford when it comes to venue type, food selection (if any), drink options, guest list, etc.  Setting a date will also require some planning as December dates fill up quick and may cost more than a January or February event.  Depending on your industry as well, December maybe too busy to fit in a night out. Plan your date with workloads in mind to ensure your guests can attend.  Once your budget and date are set, the real fun begins!

Before you go looking at venues and tasting different menus, make sure you have a general idea of how many guests you’ll be expecting.  And are you allowing guests to bring a plus one.  Having a range of attendees will help narrow down your appropriate venues for your shindig.  Which raises the question: will there be food?

Many companies will opt for a dinner, whether served or buffet style, while some may only offer drinks and hors d’oeuvres which is usually reserved for a later start time.  This is help to narrow down your venues and help to allocate your budget accordingly.  For example, if the venue is taking up a large portion of your budget, you may need to skip any décor or gifts options you had in mind, whereas opting for a smaller intimate venue could help to put more food on the tables.

Now that you’ve got the big three down, budget, venue and food, your attention to detail is called up for smaller tasks that can easily slip through.  Décor, themes, any special guest information such as allergies and food limitations.

Not sure where to begin? doUknow could help plan your next corporate even! Contact us today for more information.

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