Logo Design: Your Very Own Bat-Signal

Logo Design: Your Very Own Bat-Signal

Business plan? Check.  Projected sales and ROI?  Check.  Great quality product?  Check.  Logo design?  Well…

Business may be your forte, but is getting your creative ball rolling proving to be a tad more difficult than working through the numbers?  Starting a logo design is the first domino in the merchandising story of your brand.  Many companies will seek out a marketing agency to start their idea building, but having a general idea of what you’re looking for will definitely help shape the brand you want and created.

Before you start attempting to put pen to paper, it helps to have a few things in order first.  And the first step is figuring out the tone of your brand.  Tone doesn’t only refer to the overall aesthetic, but must take in to consideration your demographic/target audience, the nature of your brand and its industry as well as the effect of a colour scheme could have on the perception of your consumers.  For example, deep blue conveys trust, wisdom and confidence, and many real estate companies will utilize blue in the branding for that purpose.

Creating a mood board can help to really launch the creative process behind building your brand.  As the starting point of your business, this is where you want to include everything from colour schemes, textures, shapes, fonts and any other ideas that seem to connect with your brand.

Ultimately, your logo must stand apart and be understood by your audience. Using confusing fonts or obscure images may prove to be an obstacle when it comes time to present your brand to a confused audience.  With that being said, a little intrigue is good but don’t keep your audience in complete oblivion!

Not sure where to begin with your logo design? Start building your company today with us! Contact doUknow for more information.

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