Trix are (n’t?) for Kids

Trix are (n’t?) for Kids

Marketing strategies are usually constructed around targeting adults, anywhere from 18 up, but when it comes to targeting children, ethics, legalities and limitations must be brought into consideration.

Many believe that marketing to children is not an ethical practice and rather harmful. But where does that leave companies with something to offer to only kids?

Children in the modern household have much more buying power than in the past. Parents are more lenient today, and more willing to listen to what their kids want and provide it. So when you’re marketing to kids, although they’re not the ones buying the product themselves, they are the channel to the parents, the purchasing member of the household.

With that being said, companies must still acknowledge the parents and connect with them as well. This could mean simply addressing them in your ad or having a clear, reassuring message through your online presence. Keeping your brand transparent, honest and socially responsible will not only gain the trust of parents but also raise your reputation to kids.

Another important aspect of ethical marketing to children is to engage and involve kids, thus creating effective brand advocates. Having an interactive aspect in your marketing strategy can help to not only gain the interest of your target, but also better your image among both kids and parents.

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