Colour Me Bad

Colour Me Bad

No matter where you go in North America, or even globally, the golden yellow arches are universally recognized as McDonald’s.  Welcoming, warm and friendly, the yellow and red branded restaurant has won over our hearts from childhood.

Colour can hold a great affect when it comes to branding.  From logos to retail to packaging design, the colour of your brand has the power to not only speak to a consumer’s emotions but can also associate your brand with certain values.  For example, yellow not only makes us feel happy and uplifted, but viewers subconsciously will associate as fun, optimistic and, in some cases, youthfulness.

Minimalism has taken over many aspects of marketing and branding, however, the psychology behind colour and marketing proves to be much more effective.  84% of consumers have cited that the primary reason of a purchase was due to the colour on the packaging or product and 93% of purchases are made due to the visual appearance of a product.  And the sub-conscious decision to make said purchase is usually done within 90 seconds of first seeing it.  So, it goes without saying, your first impressions are important.

Packaging and merchandising aren’t the only aspects of your branding that needs to consider colour.  Your marketing and advertising initiatives must carefully choose colour as well.  Not only choose which colours, but it’s worth noting that colour ads are read up to 42% more often than monochromatic ones.  Having a consistent colour throughout your branding, website design and advertising will increase your brand recognition up to 80% and keep your brand at the top of mind.

Not sure where to begin your brand colour scheme?  A mood board will definitely help you to narrow down your main colour as well as any complimentary or accent colours that will work with and compliment your merchandising.

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