Innovation vs. Imitation

Innovation vs. Imitation

The idea of imitation or a copycat has become a topic of much discussion as of late. While some say that there is no such thing as innovation, because everything is a copycat of something else, others argue that innovation is possible and is key in success.

The idea of lack of invocation was first pushed to the forefront with a book by Christopher Booker in 2004, where he discusses that there are essentially only seven different movie plots and everything else is just a copy of each other. Of course there are movies about various topics and subject matter, but deep down in the root of the movie, there are seven main themes that are touched upon: overcoming the monster, rags to riches, the quest, voyage and return, comedy, tragedy and rebirth. Obviously there is much more to a movie than these themes, but one of these themes is also involved in the movie and that is just how movie magic happens.

The idea of copying or imitating extends past the realm of movies when one thinks of other topics. Think of the iPod. Apple was not the first company to come up with that concept. It first stemmed through the radio (regarding hearing songs or whatever the case may be) and then to the MP3 and on. McDonalds wasn’t the first company to think of the idea to sell hamburgers. Thousands of companies offer the service and in one way or another they are similar to each other. However, this is where the real innovation comes in.

Although one’s idea might not be completely original, innovation can still be at the forefront and can really set aside your product. The best example I have found with this to demonstrate, as been through an Instastory I found through the Mrs. Box. In the images below you can see how this company took the inspiration they found online and came up with an innovative idea to use their inspiration into their marketing and branding. This is an amazing example of how a company can take their inspiration to the next level by not copying someone else’s idea or work.

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