Camera Ready

Camera Ready

In the days of content marketing and social media exposure, generating fresh new material is top priority for many companies, big and small. Of course there are basic product images, seasonal features and even consumer contribution, but when you’ve exhausted many of these channels, a styled shoot is just what our Toronto marketing agency prescribes!

A styled shoot is a photo shoot that brings together a number of vendors that collaborate and stage a mock event, from a wedding to a birthday party to any grand event. Usually sparked by a wedding or party planner, a list of vendors is gathered, from bakers to models to venues and a theme is then set for all to follow through with. The day of a styled shoot, everyone comes together and makes their vision come to life. Photos of each and every aspect are taken in order to highlight each vendor and then sent to publications for possible publishing. Once published, vendors are then allowed to post the photos on their own social platforms.

A styled shoot is a great way to not only gain exposure for you brand, but it also helps to build your portfolio, generate material for your online presence and network with people to further our own business. Shoots also don’t have to be budget-breaking. Many vendors won’t require monetary compensation as the whole group collectively gains advertising reach and credibility by having the support of an established publication.

Need a Toronto photographer for your styled shoot? Contact us today for more information on how we can help!

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