Taking it to the Limit

Taking it to the Limit

For many companies, advertising can be a breeze, but for others, legislation and rules can get in the way of optimal marketing campaigns.

One major industry that has been going through the motions is the vaping sect.  With its roots planted in being an alternative to smoking traditional and harmful cigarettes, the whole identity of the industry has had to alter its advertising efforts as legislation continues to progress.

So what do you do when regulations start to limit or even eliminate any advertising your industry is allowed to put out?

Using vaping as an example, our longstanding client, VAPZ, has had to consistently stay on top of any new regulations pertaining to the industry and find ways to not only market their e-cigarettes, but also a range of other product lines that don’t have to do with vaping, but has experienced backlash due to the brand’s name.  One major blow to the industry has been the rule of not being able to market an e-cigarette as a tool to quit smoking.  With that being said, word usage and direction of any marketing campaigns have had to tip toe around the claim.  Those familiar with the vaping industry, and novice vapers, will attest to the effectiveness that these alternatives have with regards to quitting.  The majority of vapers have in fact used vaping to quit. Vape companies, VAPZ included, have no changed their direction of marketing, positioning it as a simple alternative rather than a quit smoking tool, removing it from the gums and patches that are commonly used to quit.  More recently, vaping has become a lifestyle.

When legislation comes down on your industry, positioning your brand as a lifestyle, using broader terms and connecting to consumers on a much bigger horizon rather than satisfying a sole need helps to steer clear of any backlash.  For example, posing a vaping brand to those wanting a healthier lifestyle, consumers will be able to make the connection of healthy lifestyle generally means no tobacco cigarettes.  Not all consumers may make this connection, but smokers that do want to live healthy will – and that’s your target.

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